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Who we are

Polychain Capital Group is a global systematic investment manager. Our centralized research focuses on the development of advanced quantitative techniques for uncovering market opportunities and employs them within a disciplined framework that results in efficient exposures.

With a robust infrastructure and talented investment professionals, Polychain Capital Group offers clients the scale of a large asset management firm, with the benefits of a versatile investment platform – flexibility and customization. Our firm is able to offer institutional and retail investors the essential building blocks for today’s changing investment landscape.

Our investment platform is a product of careful preparation and fruitful work of experts in the field of Real estate, Forex and foreign exchanges. Using modern methods of doing business and a personal approach to each client, we offer a unique investment model to investors who want to use stocks trading as a reliable source of stable income. Polychain Capital Group business uses improved softwares and antminers at the most stable markets, which minimizes the risks of financial loss to clients and guarantees them a fixed income accrued every calendar day.

Our Principles

We start with the simple notion that supply and demand are the sole determinants of securities pricing. We combine this with the belief that capital markets are relatively efficient discounters of widely known information.

We serve as an asset owner on behalf of Prudential With-Profts policyholders, and our pensions and annuity customers. This means we make decisions about how to allocate money to different asset classes and which asset manager should manage our money.

We also invest as an asset manager on behalf of individual savers and asset owner clients. As an asset manager, we must aim to deliver the financial outcomes and any sustainability requirements set out in the objectives of each of our mutual funds, or in the mandates we receive from institutional clients.

While our values of care and integrity inform all our sustainability work, the asset manager and asset owner are separately regulated businesses with independent Boards and governance processes, and their policies may diverge on occasion.

Our Culture

We do things differently from other investment firms—not just to be different, but because it matters for our clients. We designed our entire business to minimize conflicts of interest. We have a strong division of labor between our sales and service roles, allowing employees in each role to focus on their strengths. Our client service focuses entirely on providing superior service, not additional sales. And we’re continually looking for ways to improve so that we can keep serving our clients' best interests into the future.

Our Purpose

This means supporting our colleagues, customers and clients, and the communities and environment in which they operate, for the benefit of all our stakeholders. It means helping people and businesses unlock their potential and plan for the future with confidence, building relationships that stand the test of time. And it means that we continue to be there for the long-term, whatever the climate, making decisions that are right for today and for generations to come.

Private Client Group

You’ve worked hard and saved prudently throughout your life. We can help you retire comfortably and confidently through tailored money management, personalized client service and a fee structure aligned with your success.

At Polychain Capital Group, we set ourselves apart through our rigorous investment process. We believe our top-down approach is uniquely suited for managing portfolios, and contrasts with the more bottom-up approaches of many competitors.

How We're Different

Throughout our history, Polychain Capital Group has worked in our clients’ best interests by thinking and acting independently to find innovative and data-proven investment solutions. Our experience, personalized approach and commitment to serving our clients make us unique in our industry. We can help you achieve your financial goals through tailored money management, world-class client service, unique perspectives and a fee structure designed for your success.

Our Client-First Culture

When you work with dedicated professionals who care about your well-being, it gives you confidence and peace of mind. Our culture focuses on always putting our clients’ interests first.

A Fiduciary for You

Learn about how we’re structured to ensure we always put our clients’ interests first.

Investment Experience

Our Investment Policy Committee (IPC) is the dedicated team that makes all strategic investment decisions for client portfolios. The IPC has over 150 years of combined experience in helping our clients meet their investment goals and objectives.

A Global Investing Thought Leader

Our time-tested portfolio management processes start with an analysis of global economic, political and sentiment drivers and how they might affect asset class categories.


At the heart of our business are our partners: the entrepreneurs and management teams we back; the investors in our funds; the advisers and intermediaries we work with; and the banks and other lending institutions to our deals.


We do things the right way, without compromise, the first time – every time. We are direct, decisive and, above all, accountable. We practice sound judgment and common sense in our actions that conforms to the letter and spirit of the law at all times. We win on the merits, with integrity.


We are driven by a thirst for knowledge. We are constantly learning – from each other and from inspired thinkers around the world. We passionately pursue new ideas, new innovations and new strategies that will strengthen our competitive advantage

Ambitious & Winning

We strive to build world-class businesses to generate superior returns for our partners. We are here to win. We are constantly improving, and are committed to out-thinking and out-executing our competitors. We take on what others dismiss as impossible, and solve the hard problems that others walk away from.

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