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Nordic Outlook: Too soon to celebrate a soft landing

Low unemployment, declining inflation and real income growth. The economy is doing better than feared. However, uncertainty remains high and it is too soon to celebrate a soft landing. That is one of the conclusions of the new Nordic Outlook.

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New fintech partnership provides companies with an overview and advice in trying times

Danske Bank is making Axeptia Credit Intelligence accessible for business customers in Denmark, Sweden and Finland following a pilot trial period in Norway. The solution makes it easier for our business customers to keep track of who owes their company money and how good they are at paying their invoices to the company.

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New type of insurance to cover home loan payments

Tryg Forsikring has entered into a partnership with Danske Bank and Realkredit Danmark to introduce a new type of home loan insurance.

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Annuity Evaluation

We frequently see investors who were sold annuities that don’t support their financial goals or investors who bought an annuity but didn’t fully understand the fees, costs, penalties or other important details. In our view, there are often better options for your wealth.

Our Annuity Evaluation Program offers a no-obligation annuity contract review. Following our review, we’ll present you with a summary of your annuity and key details to consider. If you determine an annuity isn’t right for you and your financial goals, we’ll explain your options.

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